How to Eat Keto on a Budget Part 1

I know we have been heavily talking about budgets and managing them on this diet. As with any money saving challenge, it’s all about knowing yourself and integrating that knowledge to make what you see here work. Take these tips and make them your own to save some money while still eating healthy!

1) Buy in season

Get to know when your favourite vegetables are in season to save some major cash! Keep in mind that they will be region and season specific. Buying in season ensures freshness as well as cheaper prices because the foods do not need to be imported from other countries to be accessed. 

2) Visit a Farmers Market

This goes part and parcel with buying in season. When farmers have an abundance of vegetables at the end of their growing season, they will sell them much cheaper to get rid of extra stock. Plus most farmers markets allow customers to haggle prices and get bulk deals for veggies. They are also the best places to grab meat! Why? Because most of their meats are fresh and they are not filled with added junk!

3) Buy in Bulk/Invest in a Chest (Freezer)

Buying in bulk is a simple way to grab lots of meat much cheaper than normal. Since meats and vegetables are so pricy, investing in a chest freezer allows for bulk purchases when specialty meats and vegetables go on sale throughout the year. Keep in mind when you have purchased any of these items to freeze, the proper way to freeze them and the length of time they can spend before spoiling. Write the dates on your purchases to ensure food quality and freshness.

4) Meal Prep

This comes with two parts: meal prep allows for combining foods to save money and means that going out or buying things at a higher cost last minute is reduced. Knowing what you need gives you time to look for deals before shopping and you can prep around deals too! Making meals in bulk also reduces going out for dinner too. 

5) Coupons, Coupons, Coupons

Don’t be afraid to whip out those coupons. Sadly many coupons do not fit for items in this way of eating but for frozen vegetables, keto friendly dairy and frozen meats, they are so worth it! Keep in mind some of these items may have additives so pay attention to labels.

I hope this guide has helped you! Stay tuned for part 2 of our budget series: How to prepare a meal plan on a budget! In our second part of this series, we give examples of budget friendly meals and a one week example of meal prepping on a budget. See you soon and keep calm and keto on!

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