I Carbed Up on Keto: HELP! 

Since I know this is going to be the topic of discussion this week/weekend with most of our American Keto folks taking part in Thanksgiving, I wanted to write a post. I’m sure most of you reading this post either feel great because the carb up did you some good but I know some of you are probably reeling and saying, “Oh no. I messed up. Never again. I’ll forever be loyal to you keto.” Now in either sentiment, let’s be honest, we all know we are probably going to see some massive fluctuations on the scale and possibly feel horribly guilty. Let me just get this out of the way first; the scale means NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING! You are not measured in worth by the number on that scale. Never ever. And guilt? Why?! You spent time enjoying the holiday with family and friends which is most important. Got it? Awesome! Let’s continue on.

For most of you this carb up (yes I refuse to call it a cheat here), has done some crazy things to you. For those not used to a carb up or eating heavily starchy things now and again, you’ll be experiencing some crazy things. Remember keto flu? Well, you may be experiencing some of that this week post carb up. Why is that? Let’s just say that even though you may be fat adapted, your body isn’t used to eating those foods starchy and grain filled foods anymore. It’ll feel like a bit of a foreign entity to it. Will every body get this? Nope! Some of you will be very lucky to avoid it. Be grateful! The main thing is avoiding the effects that last long.


I Feel Sick! What Do I Do?

Do you remember some of the ways to avoid or reduce keto flu symptoms? If not here is a refresher:

  • Get your electrolytes in! Your magnesium, potassium and sodium are priority right now. No ifs, ands or buts.
  • Get adequate fats in and go back to reduced carbs. Continuing to eat carb heavy is not an option. You can increase calories until you feel back to your normal self and then go back to your calorie limits.
  • Hydrate with water.
  • Get your sleep.

Doing these simple things may help reduce keto flu like symptoms post carb up.

The Big Question: How Long Till I Get Back Into Ketosis?

Good question but I simply do not know! There are many factors that will influence this. Have you fully depleted your glycogen stores post carb up whether through exercise or intermittent fasting or both? Were you fat adapted prior? Do you do carb ups regularly? Have you followed strict keto closely post carb up? These will all affect how quickly you get back into ketosis. Some people can get back into ketosis within 12 hours and for some it can take upwards of 3 days depending on how many carbs you had and all other factors above.  Fat burning will take even longer than just achieving a state of ketosis adding an extra day or 3 to the process. No need to worry though! Just get back to it as soon as you can!

The Back In Cheat Sheet

Want to try to get back in faster rather than wait it out? Here is how:

  • Deplete your glycogen stores as soon as possible. Fasted exercise or even just separating fasting and exercise can help deplete stores much more quickly than just waiting for natural depletion. Full body workouts are best!
  • Eat strict keto without additional carbohydrates. Keep fats up and carbs low. If you feel comfortable, you can attempt fat fasts or no carbs for a couple of days.

And there you have it folks! Hope this helps! Remember – it is the holidays! Things will happen and we just have to get right back to where we were before. Enjoy the journey and keto on!

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