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The Keto (Ketogenic) Diet: What is it?

The keto (ketogenic) diet is a way of eating that puts your body into a state of ketosis by restricting carbohydrates and using fat as fuel. Ketosis happens when the body has few carbohydrates for it to use in order to gain energy (ATP) so it begins to burn fat instead through the liver producing ketones. When the body looks to using fat rather than carbohydrates for energy, it creates ketones from fat to use as an energy source rather than glucose from carbohydrates.

I’m sure you’re wondering, “Aren’t carbs the best energy source for me? I’ve always been told so!” While carbs are considered great energy sources and are heavily promoted in the standard American diet, excess carbohydrates consumed during meals lead to fat storage if the glucose they produce is not turned into energy (ATP) to be used by the body. This means that over time, if you consumed more carbohydrates than necessary for energy use, you would be gaining weight regardless of eating what is considered a “healthy diet” by most nutritional standards. The body does not need excess carbohydrates to provide you energy throughout the day when your body can use it’s own fat to do so!

To summarize the process of ketosis:
*Lower carbohydrate meal is eaten
*Carbohydrates turn to glucose which convert to energy
*That energy is used and the body needs more to function
*The liver breaks down fat to convert it to ketones for energy

What is the end goal of a ketogenic diet?

The end goal of a ketogenic diet is for your body to use stored fat as it’s primary fuel and to use it efficiently to create energy for the body. Outside of this goal, you may have some of your own including increased performance in physical pursuits, weight loss and increased overall health.


Video Transcript

Hi, there. My name is Charlene and I’m here from Keto smash to talk to you about what the ketogenic diet is what it looks like in terms of the food on your plate? And how do you despise it for fat loss and improved health?

The ketogenic diet is a diet that consists largely of low carb High-fat Foods in order to boost Brain Potential lose weight and also help manage diabetes pcos and a bunch of other diseases.

The ketogenic diet is a diet in which you eat low carbs, so that the body doesn’t have enough glucose to be used for energy so it ends up using fat as fuel instead, so what ends up happening is when you have a high carbohydrate meal your body has tons and tons of glucose to use if you’re not getting enough exercise or enough fitness in your life those glucose energy bits are not put to use that means that they end up staying on your body as fat.

When you have a low carbohydrate diet you have very little glucose you need to use so your body has to look for alternate sources to be able to get its energy in that case the body ends up using fat and it breaks it down into little things called Ketones Ketones are used for energy to be able to fuel your body for the rest of your day.

So what might this look like in terms of eating?

If I went and had a high carbohydrate diet. Let’s just say I eat lots of rice, potatoes, starchy things all day long my body might feel a little sluggish, and it would have lots and lots and lots of excess energy but it’s not putting it to use energy not being put to use is just a waste so my plate might look full of potatoes. Maybe a bun a bunch of meat maybe some vegetables, but that’s not the best way to eat for me for you. It might be for me It’s not so my plate would end up looking full of nice healthy meats lots of vegetables that are high in fiber.

So I’d have lots of broccoli cauliflower. I might have a little bit of butter on that to get my fats but it’s very low carb with most of my cards actually being fibers because I’m choosing high fiber vegetables now because I’m not having a lot of carbs my body is going to look at the fat I’m eating and the fat I have stored in my body as fuel. So when ends up happening is my insulin levels are lowered because I’m not having tons of carbohydrates my body is using the fat as a fuel which means that because of the low insulin and the High fat my fat burning potential goes through the roof that means my body fat is lowered over all my weight improves and.

My sugar and blood sugar levels are very much controlled now for those of you who are new to a Ketogenic diet you might be wondering. What foods you can eat and which ones you cannot eat I know it’s a little hard to navigate, but it really does take some practice but for the basics, you can expect to eat. Lots of high-fat oils such as coconut and avocado oil you can also look at having some dairy. Preferably low carb dairy so you’re gonna want to be looking at your screens your butter your cheese’s your hard cheeses by nad and. Then if you’re looking at meats and proteins you’re gonna want to end up looking at beef pork fish some dark meat chicken and you can probably expect to add in some veggies now in terms of your veggies you’re gonna want to look at Low carb high fiber veggies, so for me. I end up usually having lots of broccoli lots of cauliflower lots and lots and lots of salad so usually, I go spinach but you might want to go with romaine it depends on your tastes now. Where it gets tricky is you can find low carb drinks you can also find low carb dressings now. These are a lot more difficult to navigate so you’re really gonna want to look at your nutrition labels or create your own?

own meals and create your own sauces for items that we can’t have usually on a ketogenic diet you can’t have things like ketchup Can have high carb. Also, can’t have things such as potatoes rice and most vegetables that grow underground, that’s okay. We have tons of options above-ground now some of the benefits you can expect out of a ketogenic diet is

Better mental Clarity and focus because you’re using Ketones which are great for the brain and they are being produced, you will have the best mental focus and clarity you have ever had your energy is going to skyrocket through the roof not only that you’re also gonna have weight loss you might be able to manage your diabetes by controlling blood sugar by not having massive insulin Spikes and by Having better insulin resistance. You will also end up noticing that you will end up having a better sense of self. I mean people generally feel better

They’re in better moods their moods are better controlled. Which is great for building those relationships at work home and with your loved ones, hey, my sister Charlene for Keto smash saying. Thank you for watching please click to subscribe to our YouTube channel below and we hope to see you soon and please don’t forget to join our Facebook group ketogenic diet recipes. See you there!


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