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Hey everybody! So we have had a lot of talk on many different keto groups (especially ours at Ketogenic Diet Recipes on Facebook) about what constitutes a proper or “real” ketogenic lifestyle. Now im here to bust any idea of the fact that a ketogenic lifestyle should be perfect. It really shouldn’t be or you wouldn’t learn anything from it. Also there is no such thing as a proper ketogenic diet. Not at all. Want to know why? Because so long as your body achieves and stays in a state of ketosis regardless of what you ingest, that is a ketogenic diet. Whether you do 50 total carbs or 20 carbs, paleo keto, strict keto without inflammatory foods or if it fits your macros, so long as you are in ketosis you are doing a ketogenic diet. That is the be all and end all. There is no “perfect, one size fits all” keto and that is okay! Figure out what works for you and stick to it. Make sense? Great! Let’s carry on.

Why the photos? I’m a huge believer in pictures being worth 1000 words. This shows some of the different foods I have made and ate throughout my journey so far and how much my body has changed throughout. Enjoy this picture set and the captures below. They show a bunch of different sides of my ketogenic lifestyle with dishes including dairy, higher proteins, lots of greens and many dishes made outside of my home. I hope this inspires you both in the kitchen and in spirit! 

Results as of August 2017.

Change room confidence. Finally found a pair of jeans that fit in a size I hadn’t been in in years!

After losing 15lbs and when I finally nailed axe throwing. 🙂 Only a couple of months into keto.

Montreal August 2016. Couldn’t believe how much bigger I looked. I ate all the food on that holiday and looked as bloated as I felt.

Zucchini lasagna from scratch made by me.

At the keto diet meet up in Toronto! Was a pleasure to meet so many wonderful ketoers.

Some restaurants get it. At Sunset Grill in Toronto with my modifications.

Scotch eggs from scratch with a side Caesar.

Homemade keto shepherds pie! My favourite recipe to make and tastes fabulous the next day.

At Brownstone Bistro. Barely at any fruit and I didn’t use the ketchup. Added butter to my coffee for kicks though. 😉

Homemade breaded chicken sandwich with 90 second bread and my breading mix.

Keto mac n cheese with ham and pork rind topping.

5 Guys burger bowl

My own beefy queso with pork rinds.

Sometimes I enjoy subscription boxes with keto goods. Keto Bake Club is a game changer!

Cheesy mushrooms with chicken.

Zoodle fettuccine

Peppers with keto friendly bagel and hot sausage

Keto frappuccino with a Keto Bake Club cookie with fresh whipping cream

Hot wings and Caesar! My favourite pub combo!

All you can eat Korean grill. Lots of veggies and meats.

Homemade meatballs and Butternut Baking Co keto bread roll.

Homemade hot and garlic parmesan wings.

Dinner at Bier Markt to break a fast.

Taco salad – a keto staple.

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