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Hi everyone and welcome to our Keto Smash blog! This weekend I was able to find some amazing products at my local health store as well as my local keto meetup that makes all of our low carb journeys a little easier and I want to share them all with you! In the snack department, I’ll be speaking about Coco Polo chocolate bars, Carole’s Cheesecake and Smart Cake mini gluten free cakes. In our everyday foods category, I found Bake In a Minute baking mix, Baker’s Deluxe Cinnamon Raisin Bread and NuPasta low carb pasta substitute.

                                                      Dessert Haul:

Coco Polo dark chocolate with cocoa nib bar! Only 2 net carbs for this entire bar. Suddenly have more excuses for chocolate!


Coco Polo Chocolate Bars: I received these chocolate bars from a wonderful keto meetup I had attended in Toronto this weekend and I had tried some prior through my local bulk food store. These chocolate bars are fantastic and have become a huge staple in my everyday life. Coco Polo bars are made with only the finest ingredients including stevia, erythritol, natural cocoa, dry roasted almonds, coconut and vanilla. Gluten free and all natural, Coco Polo bars are GMO free and every one of their products are transparent in their ingredients. With chocolate mixes ranging from chocolate cherry, chocolate with almonds, coconut chocolate and 70% pure dark chocolate, you’ll find a flavour to suit your taste buds. I recommend their 70% Cocoa Dark with Cocoa Nibs and their 70% Cocoa Dark with Whole Roasted Almonds, both of which taste utterly magical and actually turned me into a chocolate freak! Find their products online at or at your local health food or bulk store.

Carole’s Cheesecake: Based in Toronto, Carole’s Cheesecake company provides quick

Carole’s cheesecake with a creamy coffee. Who said taste testing was a horrible idea?

cheesecake fixes with a focus on keeping net carbs low. At 2 net carbs a slice and a variety of flavours such as cappuccino, chocolate and lemon, everybody can enjoy a slice at your next event. Not only are the net carbs low, the price is phenomenal with full cheesecakes available for $14-16 a cake! Please note for those sensitive to sugar alcohols, this may not be the best option for you as many sweeteners are involved to keep net carbs low. Find their shop in Yorkville in Toronto or find their products at your local Nutrition House. For more information, find them here at .

Smart Cake: Now this was a total surprise to find in my local Nutrition House and one I was way too eager to try. Having heard about them through the Instagram Keto scene, I knew this was one product I needed to find and test for everyone. The Smart Cake I have chosen to test was their Cinnamon flavour and I was not wrong to try this! It tasted exactly like a cinnamon roll and killed any sugar cravings I had for the day. Each package has 2 mini cakes with 0 net carbs. That’s right, I said 0 net carbs. Sound fishy? Nope! Their products are high fibre and made with erythritol so blood sugar spikes are history. The cakes have a wonderful taste and a lightness to them like typical high carb baked goods. Also the head company, Smart Baking Company, has many other products to try including a 0 net carb bun called Smart Bun! This is definitely a company to keep an eye on in your local super market with their range of baking products. To find out more or to order their products, visit  You won’t regret it!

Food Haul:

Bake In A Minute: This company, and product of the same name, has been a lifesaver for my bread game. Ever wanted to make bread from home easily? Look no further. Add an egg  and either oil or butter to their fantastic 4 ingredient mix to have fresh bread made in 90 seconds in your microwave! What’s even better is this company also provides alternative uses for their mix by providing recipes for all sorts of breads, muffins, chicken coating and more. It’s versatility and simple approach to cooking keto friendly bread makes it one of a kind. Find out more about this product from

Nutrition House haul this weekend. Rocking some Baker’s Deluxe, Carole’s Cheesecake and Smart Cakes!

Baker’s Deluxe Cinnamon Raisin Bread: Ever wanted a bread worthy of French Toast potential? This would be it. This fantastic bread has all the flavour of typical cinnamon raisin bread without all the carbs. With 1 net carb per serving and 7 grams of protein, you’ll be full fast without breaking the carb bank. I love to have this bread in addition to my eggs and bacon in the morning or even coated in a lovely salted butter. Yummy! For those of you sensitive to certain ingredients, you will want to check to see if it is possible for you to still eat these. These are NOT gluten free but they are extremely low carb and blood sugar friendly! Find this brand at any local health food store or low carb shop.



NuPasta: I have tried NuPasta prior to receiving a lovely box from the company at our Keto meetup

At the Yoga and Wellness Show checking out NuPasta’s booth! Free pasta? Yes please!

in addition to the Yoga and Wellness Show but had not written about it previously. Having now tried more types of their pasta, I can officially say what I think about them. They are great and have a similar consistency to noodles. For those of you who are used to the crunch of zucchini noodles or prefer that consistency, this may not be the pasta for you. However, they are extremely low carb and versatile; they can be used in sauces or soups with ease. For cooking, I would suggest boiling them or heavily rinsing them prior to pan cooking them or else they will smell a little funny (most shirataki/konjac noodles will do this). Also, pat them dry! They will make sauces even runnier unless they are dried rather thoroughly post rinse. This inexpensive and easy substitute will be an easy addition to your favourite sauce and broth recipes! To learn more or order there products, go to their website


Are there any products on this list that you enjoy or any products you would like me to test in the coming weeks? Please let me know below! Till next time, keep calm and keto on!

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