Makes 1 serving

1 half of a rectangle of Lavash Bread
5 deli ham slices
2 slices of swiss cheese
Mustard (any variety w/o added sugar)
Sliced dill pickles or pepperoncini
Thinly sliced onions

Spread mustard on Lavosh bread. Layer lettuce, ham, cheese, pickles or pepperoncini, and onions. Wrap.
Optional: heat in microwave until cheese melts.

Pro Tip: Lavash Bread is a middle eastern type flatbread very similar to a wrap. It is easily found in most supermarkets and when one piece is cut in half after the fiber grams have been deducted from the total carbs, your piece is around net 5 carbs. Ideally, you should keep your total daily carbs under 20 grams, so a 5-carb total ‘bread’ product is a real win. Lavash is simply made with flour, water, and salt and will dry out easily, so keep it in a Ziploc bag in the fridge. But it is a real KETOSMASH winner because of its versatility, mild flavor profile, and it’s very inexpensive.

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