Your Keto Pantry List

These are all foods that can be kept in storage for a while so you don’t
have to keep going to the store. Many of them add lots of flavor to your
dishes and some of them just make it easier for you to put together a
I’ve linked each item to somewhere online where you can buy it directly
(go to the Spreads or Single Page versions of this book to click on the
links). Of course, omit any of the foods that you have allergies too!
I’ve also added a few cooking tools below that have made it easier and
faster for me to cook.

Slow Cooker Or Crockpot
Food Processor or blender
Large chopping board
Chef’s knife
Large pot
A good microwave
Large frying pan
Silicone Muffin pan
Chicken Broth
Unsweetened coconut milk/cream
Curry powder 
Italian seasoning
Garlic powder
GF Tamari sauce
Black Pepper
Vanilla extract
Olive oil
Avocado Oil
Coconut Oil
Sesame Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar
Whole Almonds/Sliced Almonds
Almond Flour
Coconut Flour
Stevia Powder

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